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This page should be the starting point in developing your overall online job search strategy.  Each individual has their own unique

skills, educational background and job history.  Your strategy will ultimately be as unique as yourself but we hope these tips

give you a good place to start.


Step one is to prepare a top notch resume and cover letter.  With an online job search you are obviously not going to have any 

other way to make an impression on a decision maker.  If your submission is not top notch it will derail your entire effort.  Keep

in mind all electronic submissions will most likely be reviewed on a computer screen.  The portion of your resume "above the

fold" should be clear, concise and say that you are right for the job.  If it starts out with several long rambling paragraphs someone

is more likely to click the "Next" button.


Register with the big job sites and set up job agents to email you matching jobs.  If you can get the job matches sent to you daily.  

These get wide exposure  and most likely lots of people will respond right away.  Employers eager to hire may start interviewing as

soon as a they get responses.

Here is a tip to follow when you are submitting responses by email.  In the subject line most people will simply state the title of the 

position you are applying for.  Instead try to put something unique like a special skill or address a key need listed in the job 

description.  When someone looks at a list of 100 emails and 99 have the same subject line, yours will stand out.


Many people stop here with their online job search.  Don't be this person.  This strategy may lead to many months or years of

not reaching your goal.  Your mission should be to locate the most possible leads and many great jobs will never be listed on the 

popular job search sites.  Many openings are listed on the employers website.  You need to to locate as many of these

of these as possible that apply to your search.


First to find the companies you will target use first your professional knowledge of the companies you are interested in.  

Many industries have professional associations that have member lists or industry magazines that rank companies or make other

comprehensive lists.  Beyond that you can find find lists on Wikipedia like these lists of companies in Los Angeles or New York

Also, check out your local yellow pages or the online version here.  Also google the area of the job background with your location 

and the word "careers" to find companies listing job openings.  (Example - Alabama Engineering Careers) Test alternate search 

terms and attempt to accumulate more target companies.  As you look through job listings on the big job sites keep an eye on who 

is hiring in your industry even if it's not for your job goal.  Locate the companies official career site whenever possible.


Once you find the official site for a company you are targeting, look for the "Careers" link.  Sometime it will be labeled 

 "Employment" or something similar.  The goal is to find as many companies in your particular industry with job listings on their 

career pages.  You may find a job for you listed that was not otherwise advertised.  In any case you will want to track that page

for future listings.  Some companies will offer job agents that you can register for and they will send you an email alert if a 

match comes up.  If not you can use a free service like Change Detection to monitor the career page and send you an email 

whenever those pages are updated so you don't have to revisit them frequently.  If this does not work, then add the link to

your bookmark list and check back frequently.



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